Contractor Hiring Strategies in a Candidate-Short Market

Job vacancies have returned to their pre-COVID levels. But with so few candidates, a contractor hiring strategy might be the best solution for you.

COVID 19 had a significant impact on recruitment across the world. However, it seems that effect is abating with the news that job vacancies in Ireland have returned to pre-pandemic levels. Now recruiters have a new challenge – filling those vacancies.

Contractors can play a key role here, especially if the vacancy is short-term. It can also be extremely cost-effective and allow you to bring in specialised expertise for a specific project. So what’s the best strategy to hire them?

Know What You Want

It sounds obvious but knowing the exact skill set and expertise you need will cut down on a lot of tedious admin. For example, if your project involves content creation of social media marketing, a copywriter won’t cut it. You might need a digital copywriter or a social media marketer or a content creator. So be sure of what you need!

Know Where To Look

Many contractors get recommended by word of mouth. Ask your existing staff if they know people who might fit the bill. If they’ve worked with them before, it gives that extra layer of reassurance as people don’t tend to recommend bad colleagues!

Recruitment agencies are mines of information so use them. They know who is available and who might suit best plus they can adapt to an abridged hiring schedule!

Online talent marketplaces are also handy for identifying who you need. Places such as will show you a range of candidates from all over the world who could help. There’s also the added benefit of ratings and comments from previous jobs which can help you decide if someone is suitable or not.

Adapt Your Hiring Process

Hiring a contractor is not the same as hiring a permanent member of staff. As mentioned above you may need to shorten the hiring process. You will also have to adjust how you examine CVs. Contractors are more likely to have portfolios and websites showcasing their work. These will give you a good insight into the kinds of projects they’re best suited for as well as the quality of their work.

Finally, remember that contractors don’t have to be limited to short term projects! If you find yourself repeatedly looking for a contractor in the same area, it indicates that the position needs to be filled long-term. So keep an eye on the areas where contractors are needed!