How to Boost Your Tech Career in 2023


A new year means new opportunities for career development.

As we approach the end of 2022, many of us will take stock of our lives and make new resolutions for 2023. Many of these will be health or lifestyle-related but how many of us will make resolutions about our careers? If you’re working in tech, there are a few things that you can do in 2022 that can help boost or advance your career. Not all of them are easy but they will be worth it!


Volunteer for more projects at work

The idea of taking on a bigger workload can be daunting, but volunteering for more projects can help you learn more which in turn makes you more valuable to your company. Maybe you can become the ‘go-to person on something and develop your relationship with colleagues that you may not get to work with as often.


Help your colleagues

If you’re someone who is new to the industry or new to your company, it can be overwhelming to enter a new job or company. Offering to become a mentor to these new or younger colleagues will show leadership as well as making you feel good! You can be a soundboard for them while sharing your experience with them when appropriate. This can help both of you grow.


Learn a new skill

Tech is an ever-changing industry that requires you to constantly learn and develop new skills. Identifying skills that you may need training in shows management that you’re interested in developing yourself and your career and shows leadership and self-awareness too. 


Look for feedback

Nobody needs a performance review every time they complete a task but constructive feedback is always helpful, especially when you seek it out yourself. Use this feedback to improve your soft skills such as communication and emotional intelligence. Don’t be afraid to feedback to colleagues too, but only if they ask for it!


Get out of your comfort zone

We only really learn when we test ourselves. Volunteering for more challenging work or projects shows leadership and a keen interest to learn or teach. Offering to present a webinar or seminar on a topic that you know will help your colleagues enhances your communication skills while testing them to the limit!