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We do not charge anything additional for diary scheduling, interview wrap up calls and video conferencing services.

Why Video Conferencing

It is Covid safe


The global economy now operates remote and online


Candidates don’t need to make excuses to find availability


Candidates are less likely to cancel


 It is more time efficient for everyone


It is much easier to schedule in everyone’s diaries


Arranging multiple stakeholders is much easier


We can add the meeting to your diary for you

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Looking To Hire New Staff?

Talk to your local recruitment expert – Consultation is free
Our contingency recruitment services are based on an agreement that we only charge you upon successful placement of your new hire.
It is up to us to find you the right talent so get in contact today, we will discuss your requirements and let you know if we can supply the talent you are searching for.

Our Expertise

Each specialist recruiter on our team has worked in their specific areas for several years, and as a result will understand the intricacies of your technical requirements no matter how complex they are. We have the specialist sector knowledge that you may not currently have in your existing talent acquisition teams, so if you have a short term ramp up project that is outside of your core recruitment specialisms, we will partner with you to ensure that your team delivers on all objectives and your business hires the best technical professional staff.

Permanent Recruitment

We will find you the talent that will make a difference to your business. As part of our service you will have a dedicated and experienced recruitment consultant work with you from start to finish of your project to ensure they get an in depth understanding of your business and deliver world class talent for you.

Contract Recruitment

For contract roles you need a partner who can deliver world class talent and do it at breakneck speed. We have the experience and knowledge to deliver this talent and seamlessly onboard them by utilising the experience of our internal support teams and external commercial partners.

Temporary Staffing

For short term, temporary & hourly paid staff you need the support of a business who know what they are doing. We have all of the systems in place, insurance and most importantly the finance behind us to deliver on small, medium and large scale temporary staffing requirements. Whether you need, 1, 10 or 100+ temporary staff we have the capacity to support your project.

Executive Search

We are able to provide a confidential Executive Search service on a retained and exclusive basis only. We will provide full market mapping, detailed interview notes and final presentation where we will support you in making the critical final decision on your C-Suite hires.

Remote Delivery

Globalisation is well and truly here, and we service many of our clients on a Global Scale. Our team are based in Dublin but have many years’ experience in international markets and we are happy to source talent and deliver projects for you anywhere across the globe.



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